Family division valuation

Family division valuation is a type of valuation commonly associated with divorce.

The apportionment of family possessions leading up to the finalisation of divorce is more often than not a delicate and unfortunately acrimonious undertaking which can often lead to costly arbitration and legal consideration with resulting financial implications on all parties.

Informal 'family division' valuation

An equitable apportionment of chattels, especially antiques and fine art can often, using an unbiased and 'agreed' valuer as an arbitrator, be effected informally without redress to legal proceedings. Should both parties agree, a sensitive and diplomatic 'informal' family division valuation based upon an agreed inventory and 'open market' valuation is the most economic course of action.

Formal 'family division' valuation

Subject to joint instructions by solicitors a 'neutral' valuer may be assigned to carry out a detailed 'open market' valuation of those valuable chattels under contention. Once completed this valuation may well form the basis for arbitration between the solicitors on behalf of their clients; with the real 'end game' possibility of court consideration and ruling.

Our family division valuation services include item appraisal based on individual 'open market' valuation.

Fees can be agreed before any work is carried out.

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