Insurance valuations

Confused by household contents insurance?

For an easily understandable resume of household contents insurance please refer to Citizens Advice Bureau . Further to this excellent document please note comments made regarding high value items. You should check with your policy the value threshold for these items, which can differ between policies and insurance companies.

Larger collections of valuable items such as antiques and fine art are often not covered by household contents policies, and it is highly likely a specialist insurer may have to be found. High value insurers are generally listed on Google. These insurers will require inventories with considered valuations by professional valuers with either many years in the antique/art trade etc., and/or membership of approved professional bodies. This is where we can help.

Our procedure

Following contact, normally by telephone or through the Internet, one of our fine art and antique valuers will discuss the type and scope of the valuation and give an approximate idea of the overall cost. A visit may then be arranged. A final fee will then be offered, and if agreed the work can be undertaken. Our standard fee structure is based on a minimum charge of half a day.

Our daily rate is £950 or £120 per hour for valuations up to £60000, generally for higher valuations a further small percentage fee may be applicable.

The principles of client confidentiality, discretion and security are adhered to as a major priority.
Generally all valuations are completed in accordance with an agreed time schedule as instructed by our client. This may involve evening or weekend work which would attract a percentage premium.

All computer documentation is accompanied by a gallery of high resolution digital photographs on DVD for easy access. Hard copy will also be supplied in duplicate.

Overview valuation for disposal purposes
This valuation involves a visit to the property and an inspection of all chattels with a view to individual valuation and best disposal route which might, depending on provisional valuation involve referral to a central London auction house or provincial auction. This visit might last several hours and involve photography as the case may be. The fee for this verbal valuation is generally £100/£200. Referrals to auction ensure an impartial and transparent process.


Art Valuations

This George Vicat Cole was not insured

Insurance Valuations

Following insurance valuation and sale at Sothebys it realised £10000

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